What Is The Typical Cost For Running Your Electrical Home Appliances?

Energy Usage Cost For Home Appliances

The cost of powering your home keeps rising. General household electrical appliances can vary in their energy and cost consumption. We have outlined a list of the most common appliances below and calculated the approximate usage/cost per hour.

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Home appliances usage cost
Home Appliances Energy Usage

Comparison Cost / Usage

Electrical Appliance Output Per Hour (W) Cost Per Hour
Electric Shower 8,500W €1.70
Tumble Dryer 5,000W €1.00
Electric Kettle 3,000W 60c
Immersion Heater 3,000W 60c
Electric Oven 2,500W 50c
Fan Heater/
Oil Based Electric Heater
2,500W 50c
Dishwasher 1,800W 36c
Hair Dryer 1,500W 30c
Vacuum Cleaner 1,400W 28c
Toaster 1,200W 24c
Clothes Iron 1,000W 20c
Microwave 850W 17c
Washing Machine 650W 13c
Television (36 inch) 200W 6c
Refrigerator 180W 3.6c
Laptop Computer 60W 1.2c
Lightbulb 60W 1.2c
LED Lightbulb 5W (60W equivalent) 0.1c
Portable Radio 5W 0.1c