Domestic SEAI Solar Grants

There are significant grants available for qualifying homes under the SEAI Better Home Energy scheme. Energlaze is an approved SEAI installer and can help maximise any available grants:


Solar PV Grant
(Homes built pre 2021)

  • €800 per kWp up to a maximum of 2kWp
  • (kWp means kilowatt-peak, which is a measure of the peak output of a solar PV system)
  • Additional €250 per kWp for 2-4kWp
    (3kWp is €1850, 4kWp is €2100)
    Maximum Grant Available €2,100

Non-Domestic SEAI Solar Grants

Non domestic seai solar grants

Farmers can apply for a 40-60% TAMS grant

The Targeted Agricultural Modernisation Scheme (TAMS) is a 40% grant that is available to farmers that invest in solar PV. Young farmers that qualify can apply for an increased TAMS grant of 60%. Energlaze Solar are registered with both the department of Agriculture and with the SEAI so we can help maximise any grants available.

The TAMS grant is available for up to an 11kWp solar PV installation and up to 6kWh battery storage capacity.

Note: A farmer can install in excess of 11kWp of solar PV installation and 6kWh of battery storage capacity but will still only get grant aid for 11kWp and 6kWh of installation.

A full energy survey must be carried out by Energlaze Solar in advance of the farmer applying for a TAMS grant.

TAMS Support
solar savings

EnerGlaze Solar is here to help

As an accredited installer of solar powered systems, EnerGlaze Solar will help you with your grant application. Remember you need to apply for grant approval prior to installation.

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