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Solar PV Fitter

Solar PV

Generate Free Electricity From Solar Energy

Enjoy a more energy efficient home and reduce your dependency on fossil fuels with Solar PV panels. SEAI grant of up to €3000 available.

Solar Thermal

Enjoy Hot Water From Free Solar Energy

Solar Thermal tubes provide up to 70% of your hot water needs and reduce your carbon footprint. SEAI grant of €1200 available.

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SEAI Grants for Solar PV have been updated. Click here to learn more

How does an Energlaze Solar PV System perform?

Compare the power generated with the average monthly consumption.

To illustrate just how much energy can be generated from solar PV panels when compared to the average consumption, we have compiled some examples from customers around Ireland that have had different sized Energlaze Solar PV systems installed.

May 2019
Up to €3000 SEAI Grants Available

Reduces your carbon footprint for a cleaner, greener future

Generate up to 70% of your hot water for free

Offset any potential future carbon taxes

Use battery storage for added energy efficiency

Up to 30-Years performance warranty

Eco friendly

Committed to energy conservation

For over seven years, Energlaze has been dramatically improving the warmth and comfort of Irish homes by retrofitting new Low-E-Plus2™ heat-retaining window glass into households throughout the country.

Energlaze now offers the very latest in solar technology – so our customers can save even more money on electricity bills and reduce their carbon footprint.

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